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The Second KRI KLEWANG (the Indonesian stealth missile vessel)

KRI Klewang I (before accident)
The Indonesian navy is now begin to rebuild and modernized its power to meet MEF (Minimum essential forces) to protect its territory. The main challenge for the Indonesian navy was lack of technology and equipment. After a long decades suffered from dependency to other countries, economic crisis, and international embargo. Now, the government try to develop local product. After signed a contract of four landing platform dock (LPD) ships from Daesun Shipbuilding, South Korea with transfer of technology agreement. The agreement allowed the Local industry to build 2 out of 4 ships in Indonesia. The Indonesia National Armed Forces (TNI) is now entering a new era.

KRI Dr. Soeharso 990 (LPD produced by S. Korea)
KRI Banda Aceh 593 (LPD produced by PT.PAL)
The awakening of the Indonesian defence industries begin in, 2008 when the Indonesian Vice President, Jusuf Kalla signed a contract about 80 Anoa armored personel carrier from PT. Pindad (Ltd.) for TNI. At the peak, the sixth President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono planned to revitalization and modernization of the TNI by imported many kind of weaponry from various country to avoid total shut down if somehow Indonesia faced international sanction. Besides import from other countries, Indonesia also developed their local industries such as rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft, APC’s, small arms, patrol boat, fast attack vessels, rocket, and other equipment and instrument. The president ordered Indonesian naval industries especially PT PAL (persero), PT. Lundin, PT Palindo, PT Pindad, and other companies for fast attack craft (FPB and KCR), transport ships (LPD), patrol ships (KAL). The local industries  also collaborated with foreign companies, such as Daesun Shipbuilding (South Korea) to build LPD’s, DSME (South Korea) Changbogo Class submarine, Damen Schelde Shipbuilding (Netherland) to developed PKR-10514 project and other counterparts.

The Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff, Admiral Marsetio has signed for four three-hulled (trimaran) stealth ships from PT. Lundin Invest (Ltd.). The first ship, named KRI Klewang was ready to sea trial and commissioning, but need some finishing touch to make it ready to enter service. It has hi-tech avionic system, armed with eight Chinese C-705 surface-to-surface missile and a 40mm on board cannon. Powered by four MAN V12 with total 7200 horsepower. It can reach top speed is as much as 35 knots, although cruising speed is 22 knots. The maximum range is about 2000 nautical miles at 16 knots. But unfortunately, something wrong happen while the workers were installing the finishing touch. Those tragedy burn out the hope of the most Indonesian poeple to saw the might of the Indonesian navy.

Four years later, studied from the last mistake, PT. Lundin Industry Invest beginning the construction of the second Klewang. The second Klewang is now on progress cooperate with Saab Technology from Sweden. With new partner, means new modifications, the Saab modified models have some differences with the original design.

There some differences between the first Klewang with the new one. From the body design, the most differences are the radar tower which is taller and its pentagonal shapes, and the last differences are the cannon turret also moved to the in front of the bridge. The Saab also added Giraffe LT radar and Saab CEROS 200 radar and optronic tracking system. Those instruments linked together by Saab 9LV Combat Management System. The hull also replace from fiber composite to other classified materials.

The Klewang II’s main cannon replaced by Saab’s Bofors 40mm Mk IV naval gun to improve its firepower. The bofors cupola would be shaped to match the faceted topside structure of the vessel itself, so maintaining the vessel’s low radar signature. The 40mm Mk 4 gun has a maximum range of 12.5km, and a cyclic rate of fire of up to 300 rounds a minute. Rather than being limited to single shot or fully automatic, the operator can now select any firing rate between 30rds/min and 300rds/min

Then, the original missile were replace from the Chinese C-705 anti-ship missile, replaced by RBS 15 Mk III anti-ship missile. The RBS 15 Mk III is a long range surface to surface missile, developed by Saab. This replacement increase the effective range from 120 km to 200km. But, the Saab decreased amount of the missile from 8 to only 4 missiles due to the huge missile dimension.

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